Name: Jasper Kunstt
Date: 27-02-2020
From the 8th until the 19th of february 2020 I traveled across Java with mr. Supardi Pardi. This was a very special trip for me since my father was born on this island. I was just by myself, for the first time in Indonesia and was very happy with Pardi by my side. Pardi is a excellent driver and organiser. What ever you need being handled, Pardi will take care of it or at least helps you with it. For example: He helped me to buy a train ticket for the last days of my trip when i traveled (really) alone. He helped me finding old adresses and helped me finding old churches and other locations. He helped me buying a SIM card, for my phone. He helped me with a good tattoo artist. He helped me with my laundry, a cheap and clean place. He helped me film some things on the road. We even did a bike ride together, in his village and the surrounding area. Great experience! Of course Pardi is at his best in the Jogyakarta area, since he lives there. Here i experienced him most enthousiastic. He knows all the best spots, best shops, best food and best hotels. My advice: just follow his lead! Pardi is flexible and knows his way around Java. No mountain to high! My trip was a combination of finding my 'roots' and simply visiting great and beautiful locations such as the Borobudur, Prambanan and the Bromo vulcano. Pardi took care of this and got me where i needed to be. I would recommend Pardi without hesitation. Next time I'll visit Java or Bali i know who to contact! Wish you all the best Pardi.
Name: Frank and Marianne
Date: 05-10-2019
Today we ended our tour on Java with a spectacular visit to Bromo volcano. Thank you very much for the great service from you, Benny and Hartono. You were all great and carefull drivers. We enjoyed every minute of our trip. Thank you very much and we will give everyone at home who is planning to go to Java your details. See you again in the future!!
Name: Graham and Lee Meyer
Date: 06-08-2019
We really appreciated the following things over our first 3 days in Yogya.1 Hassle-free transfer from airport to our hotel. 2 Being punctual . 3 Clean, comfortable car. 4 Safe, sensible driving. 5. Being organised and knowing so many useful things about the Yogya Region. 6 Speaking English well. 7. Buying/ obtaining train tickets for Malborio Express. 8 Most importantly, being companionable. It was a pleasure to spend time with you. Thank you.
Name: Willem and Jannie Privee
Date: 25-07-2019
Hello Mr Pardi , today we came to the end of our tour of Java and arrived in Bali. We want to thank you for a very lovely day visiting Borobudur and Prambanan and we enjoyed our evening watching the Ramayana ballet very much. It was a beautiful final for our stay  in Yogya. We also want to thank you for sending us Firman who gave us an unforgettable  tour which made every day an adventure. He was very attentive, took care of us very well and understood exactly what kind of things we like to visit and do. He was very flexible , always good humoured and friendly and we felt very safe in the car as he is an excellent driver. He suggested trips and excursions that we liked very much. So thanks to you and Firman we had a Java tour that we will never forget. We enjoyed very much to meet you and wish you all the best.
Name: Rob and Annelies
Date: 29-05-2019
In May 2019 we, Rob Wijs and Annelies Roozen, traveled for about a monh across Java and Bali. On Java, Mr. Pardi Supardi was our driver, but also our guide. We are extremeliy pleased that we have found Mr. Pardi on the internet. We contacted some of those who had written a review on his website in advance, and everyone was exceptionally enthusiastic about the way Mr. Pardi performs his duties. So we hired him and we haven’t regretted this for a single moment. Mr. Pardi is a friendly and engaging person. He speaks English well, is an excellent driver, he knows the roads but he also knows interesting addresses for trips, places of interest and places where you can eat nicely and cheaply. You can leave everything to him, he arranges everything you wish. For example, we were looking for the grave of a great-grandfather and he fully cooperated. He is also very flexible. For example, he made a good proposal for an alternative, when he found that Annelies had too much trouble with her knees to climb the Ijen. He suggested seeing dolphins in Lovina. We liked that very much! We had to go to Bali a day earlier fort hat. Mr. Pardi arranged everything, including a hotel for a night in Lovina, and also brought us to Ubud the next day after dolphin watching. We recommend Mr. Pardi wholeheartedly. For more information you can contact us:
Name: Sonja
Date: 25-08-2018
Hello Pardi!
Just a note from Bali to say thank you. Thanks for sending us Rahman as a driver! Besides from being a good and careful driver, we really appreciated that he always  knew exactly where to go. So we didn't lose time. He knew regulations, opening hours etc. And: He told us so much about your traditions, about Java, the country and its landscape. Most important: He's so polite, friendly and nice. We really had 9 very relaxing days. And thanks to you, Pardi, for the good preparations (incl.oxygen mask)!

Name:  Peter, Lineke, Mark, Naomi, Nathan and Ayam
Date: 29-07-2018
It was the second time that Pardi drove us around Yogya. We've met him three years ago and then he drove us around Java for 3 weeks. At that time we were with the four of us in his Toyota. 
This time we asked if he could drive us through Yogya for 5 days. This time he picked us up at the airport of Yogya. We were with 6 persons. Not long ago he bought a new bus, so we're lucky. It was a really nice bus. We had enough space for the luggage and all of the 6 persons. 
Pardi told a lot of Yogya, he showed us the Borobudur, the Prambanan, Dieng Plateau and a lot more. Pardi showed us also the village and the good places to eat. We had some diner with the locals, really good chicken and fish nearby the sea. 
When you're looking for a driver, who has also guiding skills, knows the good places for some food and a lot of fun, you have to travel with Pardi. 
We had a great time!
Name: Ms. Rucy Chia
Date: 27-04-2018
We booked Mr.Pardi as our tour driver in Surabaya-Malang-Batu-Bromo. With 5 persons from Malaysia. Wonderful and great experience with him and planned unforgettable Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall for us. Highly recommend to book Mr. Pardi as private driver.
Name: Alma Vink
Date: 06-04-2018
I would like to thank Pardi for the 6 day tour in Central Java. (15 to 20 March 2018). I was born in Central Java myself, so I asked Pardi also to go to my birthplace and visit my family. I also wanted to go to the remains of the camp in Ambarawa. On the occasions that I went back to Java, there was not a single driver who succeeded in showing me the former camp Ambarawa. For Pardi (who I found through the internet) it was no problem at all. He also let me relive the everyday things and let enjoy the delicious (at least for me) durians, not to mention all the delicious jajanans of the pasar (delicacies of the market). Thanks to Pardi I have been able to relive my past with great memories. Thanks again. In life and well-being, I will definitely go with Pardi again next time. He is flexible, helpful, friendly and cheerful. Certainly a reliable and safe driver, also a guide.
Name: Coen van 't Veer
Date: 20-09-2017
If you need a driver to show you Java, Pardi should be your man. Not only is he an excellent driver and has he got a very comfortable car, he also speaks English very well and knows the main and the special routes. Furthermore Pardi helped me to do some archival research in Yogyakarta. Within the hour I found the right documents, thanks to mediation of Pardi. He is a truely is reliable guy. Don't hesitate, hire Pardi to drive for you.
Name: Tony, Mariska and Shauni Hofman & Bjorn Ijpelaar
Date: 15-08-2017
Last week we traveled from Yokja to Bali with our excellent driver and guide Pardi Supardi from Yokjakarta. Pardi helped us to make a travelling schedule  so we could visit the birthplaces of my parents, Surabaya and Rambiptutji, and still see the most important sites. Pardi was always on time, reliable and pleasant and with his knowledge of the country he showed us the very special local places we ourselves could never find. Kopi Luwak, Lumper, Resolles etc. Pardi went out of his way to make our trip unforgettable. He took the time to make the best deals for us. We surely recommended Pardi to everyone who wants to have a great trip in Java. If we ever come back to Java, Pardi will be definitely be our driver. Thanks Pardi.
Name: Ula Domanski
Date: 17-07-2017
Pardi is a great driver and guide. We used his services during our one day visit in Yogyakarta in July. He waited patiently for us even tho our flight was over one hour late. He arranged tickets for us for Prambanan and Borobudur temples that we planned to visit. He suggested other attractions in the areas nearby. He recommended great restaurant on the way to Borobudur. He is very helpful and showed us a lot during our one day stay in Jawa. I highly recommend his service and I’m really glad I found him.
Name: Gerda & John
Date: 28-05-2017
My wife and I travelled with Pardi as from April 8th until April 20th and visited all of the interesting sites on Java. He picked us from a hotel in Jakarta where we started our tour. We experienced him as very reliable and did everything possible to make our trip unforgettable and moreover. He has a lot of humor and knows a lot about the historical background of this wonderful part of Indonesia. Also his driving skills are very well as it is very difficult to drive here on the busy roads with so many scooters.
Pardi started as a becak rider and developed himself as an excellent tourguide within a period of about 12 years and accomplished a lot owing to his determination. Presently he is working on his next project namely building 3 lovely appartments for rent overlooking the ricefields close to where he is living with his wife and son. He definitely is a hard worker, always on time and we can recommend him to everyone looking for an interesting tour. Pardi thanks for an amazing and safe trip.
Name: Greta & Francien
Date: 04-12-2016
In November 2016 we have made a tour in Java going from one hotel to another. At the start of our trip Pardi picked us up at Jakarta airport to drive us around. After two weeks on Java he delivered us at Bali safe and sound for one last week. During our tour Pardi proved not only to be an excellent driver but also a professional guide. On our tour he showed us the most beautiful sites, taking at times like he called it, “alternative” roads. He also knew his ways around to the little restaurants, warungs, where we enjoyed delicious meals and snacks (Spekkoek!) amongst the locals. It was fun having contact with the friendly people. Thank you Pardi for being such a good driver and guide. And, you have become a true friend!
Name: Mrs De Jong & Mr. Brouwer
Date: 24-11-2016
Thank you for our fantastic holiday. You choosed the right hotels and we had very good and nice drivers who were very careful. It was really amazing. We saw a lot of beautiful Java and everything was ok! Thanks to you again, we will recommend you to our friends.
Name: Fam. Kevenaar
Date: 22-11-2016
We had a great couple of days in October with Supardi. Picked us up from airport, we did a lot of things in just a short time. Pardi is flexible, you can change the plans if you want and he improvises. Always on time, knows all the places, from restaurants to laundry address. Great!
Name: Stefan and Brenda
Date: 08-10-2016
First of all we would like to thank you for your help organizing our trip a little better. So thank you 🙂 Second of all we would like to let you know how our trip with Rahman was. We have been home for a week now and we miss Indonesia. Our trip with Rahman was a lot of fun. He was very nice and told us a lot about Jawa. From vegetation to religion, we could ask him everything and he would answer us the best he could. So we learned a lot, which was nice. He's also a good driver in (for us) very busy traffic. I am prone to headaches in the car (Brenda) so I really appreciated his driving. Rahman was flexible with our ideas and also brought on some ideas of himself. We could laugh with him and he joined us for some of the meals, that was very nice. But there were also times that he left us to ourselves to enjoy our time. It was a good mix really. We really like him and were sad to see him go when he brought us to Lovina! Thanks again for everything and we wish you well.
Name: Fam. M.Gharbharan
Date: 09-06-2016
We travelled from May 27th till June 1st  2016 with driver\tourguide Mr. Pardi. We travelled from Yogjakarta and places between them till Kuta in Bali. We had a nice trip and saw many things in Java and Bali. We were with 7 peoples and enjoyed our vacation. We thank Mr. Pardi for the save journey and also his driver was very good. We recommend others also to book a tour via Mr.Pardi.
Name: Fam. Looije
Date: 19-10-2015
We travelled with Pardi from September 6th till September 20th 2015. We thank you Pardi for the fantastic trip at Java. We called Pardi besides a great driver also a travel agency. We have seen a lot in two weeks for a good price with the help of Pardi. The Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, batik painting/art, silver factory, Bromo volcano etcetera. When we arrived at Jepara the boat did not go to Karimunjawa. We had to adjust our schedule. Pardi came to our hotel to help us. Pardi has arranged new tickets for the boat from Jepara to Karimunjawa and arranged tickets for the plane from Karimunjawa to Surabaja. So we went a few days later to Karimunjawa. He also knows good places for makan makan (eating) and every day is pelan pelan (relaxing). We had a lot of laughs. Do you need a private chauffeur? Pardi is recommended. He’s reliable, comfortable and always on time. In one word a topper. Pardi, thanks again for the wonderful time.
Name: Karin and Bob Frieser
Date: 11-06-2015
We made a round trip through Java from April 28 till May 15th 2015. In our opinion the best way to do so is with a private car and driver. Bij coincidence we found Pardi and,at that moment, thought: what difference it will make whomever we choose. If half of all the positive ratings in his guestbook is true, then we have made the right choice. From our own experience we can now say: It is true and more than that ! Next year we will certainly do (another) Java-trip again. With Pardi ! There is no one better ! If you want more information, feel free to contact us at:
Name: George and Petra Vischer
Date: 15-04-2015
We had a wonderful brief vacation in Indonesia started april 6 until april 14, 2015. Pardi Supardi, our private driver, was already at Juanda Airport Surabaya and brought us to our hotel. Our experience with Pardi: he is a good and safe driver. Also he is an excellent guide and knows a lot of his country, its history and its nature. He is flexible, patient, reliable and helpful. He came with suggestions and tried to find solutions if necessary. Therefore we recommend Pardi to everyone who is looking for a private driver. We will contact Pardi again for our next vacation, that is for sure.
Name: Wilma Eussen
Date: 05-04-2015
Having found Pardi on the internet, we hired him for our trip thru Java to Bali last March-April. We were pleasantly surprised. He is very pleasant, knows a lot of the country, is flexible and the hotels he recommended were really nice. He can plan a good trip, however if you want to plan your own or have your own hotels planned that is fine too. He comes with real good suggestions during the trip. All in all it was a fantastic trip also due to Pardi. We recommend him highly.
Name: Jannie and Arjan Mortel
Date: 07-03-2015
In 2007 I retired. The next winter we wanted to hibernate once in Indonesia. After some research we came out at Pardi, a friendly man from near Yogyakarta. We then made the well-known traditional trip from Jakarta to Bali with all the major sights. That suited us so well that we now roam already since eight consecutive years every year with Pardi 3 to 4 weeks around Java. The most important of our vacation is enjoying the country and the culture that can be found all over the island. In Pardi we have an ideal guide, he knows his way around and if he does not know, then he makes sure that he finds out. So if you want something different than the traditional trip then Pardi is the best man you can have, but of course he also is your perfect driver and guide for a more traditional trip. If you would like more information you can contact us via:
Name: Robert, Hanny, Inge and Nicolas
Date: 19-01-2015
We arrived 22 November 2014 on Java and Pardi was on the airport of Yogyakarta to collect us and bring us to our hotel. We discussed our ideas with Pardi and he had good advice for us what to do. Pardi is also very flexible if you want to change your schedule or when you think that Pardi has a better idea to plan your day. We visited a local village where they made local products and Pardi and the workers showed us how they make tofu. Pardi also knows all the back roads which are less busy and very beautiful. He also makes enough stops to show all the local food. We never saw or tasted snake fruit so Pardi stopped and bought some snake fruit for us. Pardi knew the back road to the lakes which was less expensive. We visited the erotic temple and from the temple we had a walk of 8 km to the waterfall. We had to ask the local people on each crossover which way to go. It was a great trip and Pardi came halfway on a motor to look whether or not we were lost. We had a great time with Pardi and advise everybody to book a trip with him on Java.
Name: Thomas and Rosi
Date: 23-10-2014
Pardi is really the first choice if you want to make a journey through Java. We have booked a 8-day trip with him and everything worked out well. We have started at the airport in Yogyakarta and then visited the Dieng plateau. After that, we were in Borubodur and Yogyakarta, where we visited the Ramayama ballet. It is highly recommended. From Sukho we went then to Mount Bromo. Then we drove to the Ijen Vulkan and the tour ended in Bali. The tour was very tiring but good. Pardi is very friendly and made possible all individual travel requirements.
Pardi ist wirklich die erste Wahl, wenn Du eine Reise durch Java machen möchtest. Wir haben eine 8 tägige Reise bei ihm gebucht und alles, hat gut geklappt. Wir haben in Yogyakarta am Flughafen gestartet und haben dann das Dieng Plateau besucht. Danach waren wir in Borubodur und Yogyakarta, wo wir das Ramayamaballet besucht haben. Das ist sehr zu empfehlen. Über Sukho sind wir dann zum Mount Bromo gefahren. Dann fuhren wir zum Ijen Vulkan und die Tour endete in Bali. Die Tour war sehr anstrengend aber gut. Pardi ist sehr freundlich und erfüllt alle individuellen Reisewünsche.
Name: Tineke and Evert
Date: 05-08-2014
During our trip on Java, we've enjoyed the guide Pardi and his friend (I forgot his name). They both speak good English and know almost everything of culture and nature in Bandung and Yogjakarta. For a good price they will give you a fantastic guiding tour on Java.
Name: Peter, Imca, Demi and Rik
Date: 25-07-2014
We (family with 2 children aged 14 and 16) did discover Java with Pardi in the period of 12 t / m July 25, 2014. It's been a great experience for us with thanks to Pardi. He is a very good driver and knows where to find all the spots. Also the way of planning appealed to us: you give the spots you want to see and Pardi gives his opinion without losing sight of your needs. He comes up with suggestions that you will not soon encounter with an organized tour we think. Thus we have been in remote villages (with bike ride) and we have visited small workshops and factories. So we got a beautiful picture of the 'real' Java. In short: if you are looking for a driver for Java Pardi is a good choice!
Name: Karen and Len
Date: 03-07-2014
In June and July we were travelling through Java and Bali. We didn't arange a lot in advance and took things by the moment. We travelled to Yogya so we could also see Borobudur and Prambanan. We wanted to visit both temples in one day. There are enough tour operators to the temples, but we couldn't find one for both days. So with seeking on the internet we found Pardi. It was on short notice, but fortunately he had time. Inmediately we had a good feeling when we spoke on the phone. We had a wonderfull day. Pardi picked us up at 03.00 AM so we could see the sunrise at Borobudur. During our travel to both temples we had nice conversations. Interest in both ways and Pardi told us things about Indonesia. Pardi is a sincere man with his heart on the right place. If it was possible we would have liked to ask him for more days. If we go back to Indonesia we surely will call Pardi again. We would really recommend him! 
Name: Sebastián and Simone
Date: 27-06-2014
I was travelling with my girlfriend one month through Java and Bali. We travelled most of the time with public transport. But for one day we didn't. We needed a private driver and arranged it via the hotel in Yogyakarta. However, my girlfriend checked Google and the website of Pardi occured. After checking this website she was convinced to reserve the private driver via Pardi's website. We mailed him and within one hour we got his answer. The tour with Pardi was unforgetable. Pardi is a very nice man! He told us many extra things of Java and its culture. Stopped at extra sightseeing things and was really fair with its rates. I really recommend this driver to everybody who visit Java and need a personal driver!! Few keywords: Nice man, good english speaking, you can trust him, fair rates, drives good, tell and show you extra things (without asking extra money). Thanks Pardi for the great day. Next time at Java I will call you!
Name: Kasper and Pia                                 
Date: 13-06-2013
In May 2013 we made a trip of three weeks with Pardi exploring Java. Pardi is a very good and calm driver, which gives a good feeling in the hectic traffic. He knows a lot of the island. He is friendly, quiet, always good humored and very helpful. Whether it comes to finding beautiful unknown places or finding an ATM Pardi you can always help. When one of us got sick Pardi immediately took the necessary medical attention, so we could continue the trip again soon. We can say that we had a brilliant holiday thanks Pardi. A better driver / guide, we can not imagine. More information:
Name: Angret and Marc Stollman                 
Date: 30-06-2012
During the period of June 5, 2012 till June 20, 2012 we made a journey with Pardi. In one word, amazing. What a fine man to travel around with. He can tell you about everything and likes to help you with everything. You have to say it, and he is waiting for you. We even asked him if he was still a few days longer with us to travel around, and that was no problem. So dear people do you like to have a good and reliable guide/driver for your tour of Java, then you have found him here.
Name: Dany Jacobs                                   
Date: 13-01-2012
We have also made a nice trip with Pardi and recommend him gladly as punctual and correct driver.
Name: Nancy and Hein                               
Date: 08-09-2011
We had a great time with this driver. he is friendly, interested, very kind to the children, creative. We recommend him strongly. You can contact us if you want to know more.....
Name: fam. Appeltant-Staessens            
Date: 30-08-2011
We traveled in August 2011 through Eastern and Central Java with Pardi. He is a very reliable and correct driver. He knows Java very good and he has many contacts to visit whatever you want. You really can trust him. More info via